Event facilities

A successful event needs appropriate facilities in form, colour and function. Apart from classic rental furniture our event modular construction system offers all forms to bring your brand to life and showcase your product whilst of course, making your customers feel comfortable.

Within the field of :

Floor, walls, furniture, product presentation, technology and decorative elements we offer solutions and systems complimentary to each other, which can be easily customized to meet the clients’ CI guidelines. Furthermore our production enables us to implement special solutions in both design and construction.

Additionally, construction solutions such as tents and customized constructions are at our disposal. Technical and visual planning is also part of our service. Our aim is to offer holistic solutions in agreement with our customers and their guidelines.


Performance list

- Floor covering

- Rear panels

- Exhibits

- Hot air balloons

- Cooling aerators

- Tent construction

- Stages and stagecraft

- Light engineering and video technology

- Displays, perimeter advertising & furniture