What applies as good practice for the best red wine applies to our storage and storage logistics. In accordance with strict high quality standards all exhibits, structural elements, furniture and the technical equipment are stored, catalogued, maintained and kept in an internal database where they can be called up at any time.

The preparation of each event implies reviewing the material and ensuring that all requested elements are complete and in mint condition. Short storage distances and low storage expenses enable us to plan and calculate each assignment efficiently. Short storage distances also contribute to an accurate planning of the event logistics.

All project managers have a constant overview of the current state of stock and also the exact location of their resources. In-Time-Communication enables us to merge the diverse processes such as planning, reviewing, commissioning and loading of the units into an overall process. Therefore, the general principle of our storage manager applies:  Good storage is half the setup.


Performance list

- Online database

- Storage of exhibits and trade fair material

- Customized packaging solutions

- Congestion-optimized loading

- Inventory management

- Rental of storage areas

- Documentation