“Everyone must have the courage of his own conviction.“  Alexander von Humboldt (1769 – 1859), German naturalist and geographer


The development of the company Schneider Promotion und Transport GmbH is a story of ideas, timing, continuous improvement and long term planning.

The present GmbH was established from the company VAG Autohaus Schneider GmbH, founded in 1974 by Mr. Josef Schneider in Speicher, after terminating his pioneering work on the African continent for this new task. The senior director’s passion for hot air ballooning gave rise to the first use of a custom made Audi hot air balloon for events of the AUDI AG in 1986. This marked the birth of the Audi- hot air balloon team and the beginning of a new company in the young event management industry.



The first brand presentations with the current exhibition material and vehicles were still carried out under the company Autohaus Schneider GmbH. Soon new systems were developed and logistics and handling were being constantly optimized. While the company started out with small exhibits such as stepper motors or interior display equipment for car individualization, its capacities soon extended to special vehicles or exhibition modules. With the drawn standards the company since 1990 was in charge of motorsport events and until today carries out events with the same unyielding passion as at the beginning despite alternating series and titles.

Up to 1995 the required vehicle fleet continued to expand and in 1995 the company decided to set up its own event equipment and brand presentation company in its own right. In simultaneously increasing the storage capacity, Schneider Promotion und Transport thereby became a wholly owned subsidiary of Autohaus Schneider GmbH.

The new independent company instantly invested in exhibition construction systems, storage and company infrastructure that would equip it for the challenges to come. Vans equipped with special lifting platforms took over the transportation of racing cars and as of 1998 brand-oriented vehicle presentation surfaces were designed, constructed and set up all over Europe.



A storage and administrative centre was built in Speicher where our company still resides and operates from today. This was necessary for managing and servicing equestrian, golf and ski World Cup events which required storage, maintenance and relocation of a multitude of different exhibits. At the same time Mr. Matthias Schabio took over the future direction of the independent company.



By founding Schneider Promotion & Transport GmbH the company was autonomously taken over by the succession generation whose interests are represented by the associates Jürgen Schneider, Matthias Schabio and Josef Schneider.

Apart from the brand presentation for AUDI AG, the company took over the realty „Messepark Trier“ and complete responsibility for its marketing.
The long-term cooperation with Deutscher Fußballbund (DFB) started in 2004 with the conclusion of an exclusive rights contract as stadium- sales partner for the marketing of merchandise. Equally the company worked as partner and license holder for the merchandising in Trier within the framework of the State Garden Show in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Following P&T’s contribution in motor sport events such as 24h of Le Mans, at the Nürburgring, DTM and Formula 1 it was a small step to establishing own presentation systems. At the same time the cooperation with the DFB was extended and the company Schneider Promotion und Transport GmbH was contracted to expand ticket centers and maintain events in all host cities during the FIFA World Cup in 2006.



This year is characterized by the market launch of the new super sports car Audi R8. For its launch the presentation modules in accordance with CI standards were shipped and assembled worldwide. Further achievements for 2007 were the expansion of merchandising in accessory sales for the quattro GmbH, retailer presentations, trade fairs and of course motor sports.